November 3

Using black, grey and white lines, the following basic document was created.


October 27

With my professor in disagreement with the inclusion of gray, I fixed my previous assignment concerning circles to consist of only black and white.  Furthermore, I developed a new basic document using rectangles, ovals, squares and circles.



October 14; October 21

Having found my previous image borders distracting, I have since reorganized and restructured both my square and rectangle documents; I do still need to fix the image sizes, however.  Beyond this, I created a new basic document including circles, provided below.


October 6; October 13

Using a black and white medium, I have constructed various images depicting emotions in the documents presented.  I chose not to title each individual work as the emotions illustrated should be the viewer’s interpretation.   The uppermost document contains six images consisting of five rectangles, with difference in color and variation of size.  The document below the rectangular document contains five images consisting of five solid black squares, each of which the same in size and distributed accordingly.




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